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Property Appraisal  Mapping
Robin Prestridge - Personal Property Clerk

David Brooks - Appraiser

Carol Popham - Assessing Clerk

Donna Young - Appraisal Clerk

Nancy Overton - Mapper

Purpose of Appraisals:


Analysis of Market Value:
Once market values have been calculated based on information gathered by the property appraiser, the values are analyzed to determine how accurate and equitable they are.  The property appraiser does not create market value.  The buying and selling of property by the general public establishes the value of  property in the real estate marketplace.

A comparison of assessments to sales prices is performed to determine ratios, which are then used to measure the levels and uniformity of assessments. Sales ratio studies by neighborhood, type of property and other characteristics are performed on a regular basis to assure uniformity in values.

Notice of Valuation:

The Revenue Commissioner is required by law to notify the property owner of value changes of their property.  If there is a change, the property owner will receive a notice from the Board Of Equalization Valuation.

Appealing the Market Value:
Once you have received your "Valuation Notice" you have thirty (30) days form the date of mailing to contact the Randolph County Board of Equalization (example form letter here).  If you are not satisfied with the value of your property you may apply to be heard by the BOARD OF EQUALIZATION.  The Board of Equalization will schedule a hearing date to come and present your argument. If you are not satisfied you have the legal right to appeal to Circuit Court within 30 days after final notification from the Board of Equalization.