Randolph County Highway Department

Ph. 256-357-4347    357-4650

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Burell Jones County Engineer

Burrel Jones

To report a problem with a road

  • Call 256-357-3747 or 256-357-4650

    The Randolph County Highway Department   

 manages the County’s Road and Bridge network. Management of this network is done through the unit system. The County Engineer is responsible for the direction of all maintenance, construction, engineering and administration activities pertaining to the County’s road and bridge system.

Construction projects play a large role in the Randolph County Highway Department. Engineering personnel plan, design and inspect construction activities on all federal, state and county funded projects. These include resurfacing and repairing and maintenance of our road network and replacement and repair of our county bridges.

The County Highway Department, is also responsible for regulating the subdivision and development of land in the county’s unincorporated areas. All division of land is subject to the county’s subdivision regulations. These regulations are made available to the public at the Randolph County Highway Department and are designed to provide citizens/taxpayers with well-built, safe, and sustainable developments.

Any citizen who has a problem request for maintenance on the county road system is encouraged to contact the Randolph County Highway Department at (256) 357-4650. The County Highway Department operating hours are Monday through Thursday, 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, non-emergency requests can be left on the department’s answering service. Emergency requests can be made by calling the Randolph County Sheriffs Dispatch at (256) 357-4545.

The Subdivision Regulations, are in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader format.  If you do not have the reader installed on your system, you may download it for free from Adobe.